On the Road again!


It’s odd to be in the place that I am in now.  Waiting on a adventure to begin.  It’s that kind of feeling that you don’t get, at least me, every week.  With a wonderful life of fill of a great wife and crazy cool kids it and work, adventure and I mean big adventure needs to be planned out.  In this case two years in the making.  As I sit and make notes on my smart phone on what not to forget, and spend hours upon hours with my go pro trying to figure out all the settings, I have figure out that there are parts to the adventure I am looking forward to that for the normal trip may not be on top of the list.

For instance, an 18 hour road trip straight through is not sounding like an amazing time spent. However you add two of you best buddies and some large mid-western states and I have a feeling that 18 hours will fly by.  Stories being told from past trips and plans being set for all you can eat fish walleye feeds at the local bar while the Black Hawks paly will make the hours fly by!

This trip will be a long list of firsts for20150517_160632 me in regards to fishing as well as travel.  New rods that have not had the new reels and new lines even strung up, new fly designs and color combos that have not been tested out, and new states that I have not traveled to .  I guess I am writing this as a book mark in time  so that I can look back after my adventure and how I am changed, what I did right or wrong, and how many walleyes I can eat at a fish fry.  My guess is 12!  So get a calendar out and call up some buddies and get a trip planned.  You don’t have to go to Cuba or Russia and spend tons of cash.  Just pick some were cool and load up a truck and go.  Even all the time sitting around planning a trip is part of the adventure. Trust me it will be worth it!

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