Pat’s Chin Wiskers


A lot of times any review having anything to do at Pat Choen’s flies, materials, or tools starts of the typical way. Pat is an undeniable badass.  There is no way he can not be.  Just look at the beard.Okay so now that we got that out the way, he also has ability to create materials and bugs that are fishy as hell. Pat Choen’ s Carp Dub stands up to that test. It seems to be  mix of Gregs Sayno’s Lazer Dub, a little bit of Hairline’s Saggy Dub, and a  little bit of Pat’s chin whiskers.  After messing around with it for a little while it seems to be used best in a dubbing loop so you give your fly the full body a truly deserves . I was surprised  I found this at our local big box outdoor store, so in good tying etiquette I bought all the colors they had.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Pats carp flies that utilizes this dubbing blend, they are worth a checking out.  They are buggy as hell and conjure up large which could be us from the murky depths. At the very least having a this new blend in my arsenal will lead me sit down and tie up two or three carp boxes fot the oncoming summer that is if it ever gets here.

To buy any of Pat’s great stuff check out

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