Hopper Dropper Box….

It’s that time of year again when you start looking deep into the depths of your Hopper Dropper box. A couple of years ago I gotta look at one of my good friends hopper boxes.  Somewhat impressed, nice collection for sure, but my goal is to surpass him in excellence and quantity. I think for a good Hopper box also include some Droppers .

I tend to add a few bead heads as well as some Collins Earthworms to the mix. A few things to think about when putting together a Hopper Dropper Box:
1. Size Matters
Depending if you’re fishing small spring creeks or the big freestone’s like the Missouri and the Big Horn, having a good mix of size of Hoppers is important. Size also plays into the decision of what type of dropper to fish.  If you are fishing tiny bead heads then you can get away with a smaller hopper. On the flip side of that if your fishing the ninja Gamakatsu worm, a larger hopper is in order. While dialing in the size of your hopper, also take in consideration flow rate of the river, as well as species of Hoppers in the area.

2. Color Matters
I have caught fish on every color in the rainbow when it comes to Hoppers. Walking to any local craft store to buy 1 of every color of the sheet foam, and go to town on your vise. Tiger striped, rainbow, camouflage, and tie dyed all good finds a craft store and get to be turned into a awesome Hopper bodies.
3. Have Fun
If you have a favorite Hopper pattern change it up a little bit. Change the color of the legs or change the type of wing. Trout, after while, get board of the same old tan Morish hopper. When you ties yours up use a darker color tan in pink dotted legs…

These days when I sit down to tie, I grab a dozen of four sizes and tie the same fly for each size. This does a few things. First, it fills a fly box quickly. Secondly, you don’t want to be left with only two of the one hopper that is making the fish look up that one particular day. Thirdly, practice makes perfect. Tying all four sizes let’s you work on your material proportions for each size as well as working on producing flies that look all alike.
With a quick trip to your local craft store and a couple of hours at the vice, you can have a good handful hoppers to bring you into the season. Have fun and think pink. Just saying

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